Joey Booker

Age 12

Grade 6

Favorite Body of Water - Ches. Bay

Favorite Fishing Tech/Lure - Lure is Stretch 40 & Technique is Top Water

Andrew Pisano

Age 14

Grade 9

Favorite Body of Water: Hopewell Lake

Favorite fishing tech/lure: Power fishing in shallow water with jigs, Texas rigs, and crankbaits

Foster Wilkins
Age 15
Grade 9

Favorite Body of Water: Susquehanna River
Favorite tech/lure: Top water/Savage Gear Suicide Duck 

Spencer Grishkot 

Age 15

Grade 10

Favorite Body Of Water: Atkinson Reservoir

Favorite Tech/Lure: Spinnerbaits/Topwater 

Tyler James Hogue 

Age 15

Grade 9

Favorite body of water: North East River

Favorite Lures:  Senko, spinner bait, frog


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